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BALTECH - the best metal lining for alignment of pumps, fans, gearboxes

BALTECH GmbH Company is a leader in providing solutions for the alignment of pumps. New series of calibrated metal lining BALTECH-23458N should always be used in the alignment of pumps. Availability pads of different thickness in mm and inch pumps facilitate the alignment of any country. Shipping calibrated metal pads from our warehouse in Germany or the United States takes place in a short time, only 1-2 days. If you have a problem centering explosion-proof equipment, such as pumps, oil refinery, it is recommended to use the kit for shaft alignment BALTECH SA-4200 and a set of new metal pads BALTECH-23458. Education for alignment, balancing, vibration control and temperature control in our training center carried out according to schedule, which we will send after your request to us. Why do we recommend for repair and alignment of pumps use metal lining BALTECH. Our pads have a minimum error in thickness, they are easy to install and long serve the best quality surface treatment, there are no burrs, each liner is marked with inch and mm. We offer free advice on repairs of pumps of all types. Reliability technologies - this is our slogan and our concept of work developed for the service and maintenance of fans, pumps, motors, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, extruders and wind generators.

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