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Kit for bearing dismounting BALTECH TOOLS, tools, mounting on shaft

In accordance with the Reliability Technologies concept the bearing replacement should be performed using the special mounting tool kit BALTECH TOOLS, which provides a uniform load on the inner and outer ring. Correct replacement of the bearings ensures reliable operation of the entire bearing assembly during the whole operation time. Improper bearing replacement (without tools or induction heaters) reduces its service life.

Replacement of the rolling bearing consists of several stages: dismantling using the removers BALTECH Series or induction heaters, preparation of mounting surfaces in the housing and on the shaft, check of geometry of the mounting surfaces. Then all prepared surfaces are covered with lubricant. Depreservation (unpacking) of the bearing must be made no more than 2 hours before installation, otherwise there would be a high probability of contamination of the rolling bearing independent from the cleanliness of the premises.

Unpack the bearing and wash it in kerosene (gasoline). Remember that close bearings (with shields and lubricant) cant be heated in an oil bath and wash in petroleum (gasoline). Installation of the bearings does not admit hits (impacts) on the outer (inner) ring, because this will lead to deterioration of the rolling elements (rollers or balls). Only by using the BALTECH TOOLS kit may you will be able to uniformly distribute the force on the inner ring (in case of the mounting on a shaft) or external ring (when mounting in a housing).

Bearing replacement using the BALTECH TOOLS kit is the most correct method, because there are no loads on the rolling elements, which is often the cause of failure of mounted bearings.

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