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Plate for alignment, calibrated plates for alignment, lining

Baltech-23458N series calibrated plates are used in the process of centering units during installation and repair and adjustment works for all sizes of mechanisms.

The kits consist of a set of standard calibrated U-shaped plates, which greatly facilitates the process of selecting the thickness of the necessary plates for vertical alignment.

The material from which the plates are made ensures their durability, and excellent surface quality eliminates damping of installed units.

BALTECH GmbH offers you steel plates in six sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and Small thicknesses 0,05; 0,075; 0,10; 0,125; 0,20; 0,25; 0,40; 0,50; 0,70; 1,00; 2,00; 3,00 mm. The plates are Packed in 10 pieces. We are ready to consider the complete set individually and in other sizes according to Your order.

Each company must have universal kits for quick and high-quality alignment of machines and mechanisms. We are ready to supply you with these kits in convenient cases of 120pcs, 240pcs, 360pcs and 720pcs plates of different sizes. Calibrated plates with two slots are supplied for centering the units on the case bearings.

Advantages of using calibrated plates of the BALTECH-23458N series:

- easy to install and remove plates,

- high precision,

- no burrs,

- the thickness is marked on each plate in mm and inch.

Remember that according to the alignment rules, you can't install more than three plates under one support!

Using our lining plates you reduce the time for alignment and save the result for a long time! Do not waste time and money on the production of artisanal linings made of copper, transformer iron or other improvised material!

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